Myths Regarding Muscle Building in Our Body

The world revolves around myths, and fitness world is also not spared. There are many myths regarding muscle building in our body. The gym has a room for a lot of rumour. And one doesn’t even ask a question in the fear of looking stupid. It’s time to shed some light over the muscle building myths you are well aware of as facts.exercises do at homeMyth 1: Slower the process, the bigger the muscle build-up.It is said that the slower and longer you will perform an exercise, the bigger muscle will be built. Well, it is completely wrong. It is proven by exercise scientists and their various tests that the more rapid and fast your muscle moves, the hunger benefit you accomplish.Myth 2: Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time isn’t possible.All the gyms are well accustomed to this myth, but ultimately it is a myth. Shedding calories doesn’t stop you to gain muscle at any time. And if you are overweight also, you can completely lose the extra fats and as well gain muscles, all at the same time.Myth 3: Muscle will become fat if you stop exercise.Well, these two a completely different and separate tissues altogether. And there is no possible chance one turning into another. If you stop working out, only the inches will get lessen, but no way possible it can turn into fat.Myth 4: Vegetarians cannot gain muscle.This is probably the funniest one, as it is well known how healthy the veggies are. It is absolutely possible for vegans to build up muscle, just a little slow. Soya-based protein, chia seeds, flaxseeds, all can help you to build up muscle even if you are a vegetarian.