Kisar's Food Plan | My Feedback this Week!

This week I was pretty on with my food. I wish I did not have the tortilla soup last night, but I did and it tasted great. In addition, tonight I had a barbecue with friends and we had some great Mexican food. For some reason, I love Carne Asada, so I indulged a little and I can feel it right now. I feel really bloated, but we were with friends and once in awhile that is okay. I have been eating pretty well for the last 40 days, so tomorrow I am back to eating super clean.  I didn't work out today because my body was just tired. This week I already worked out 9 times and two of those times was 4 hours of tennis (the rest was 7 hours of weights, cardio, & max interval training). My body just needed a rest, but I am ready to go crazy tomorrow and work up a sweat.My note to everyone is that as long as you have a goal in mind, it is okay to veer off course once in awhile. If you know what your intended path is, knowing where you want to go ahead of time will allow you to pull yourself back on track to keep going for you goal.  I went off my path a little last night and tonight, but I am going to work out hard tomorrow, eat clean and be back on top of things. I had a client who told me "Plan the Work, Then Work The Plan". This same principle goes for all goals, including health & fitness related.Have a great Labor Day Weekend,Kisar Dhillon