Muscle Contraction | What are the Muscle Contractile Components?

If you really want to know what is involved in a muscle contraction then you need to go beyond the gym, and need to dive into exercise physiology, kinesiology, and physiology. Below are the technical components that involved in a muscular contraction and they are: myofibril, sarcomere, actin, z-line, myosin, tropomyosin, ATP, sarcoplasmic reticulum, t-tubes, cross bridge, binding site, myosin AT-pase, hypertrophy, atrophy and rogor mortis.Also, did you know that each muscle cell contains around 500k muscle cells. This is just little bit more than what you probably wanted to know, but if you are interested in kinesiology or exercise physiology, then this is some of the most basic principles you need to know before you dive into the fun stuff.

Thanks,Kisar Dhillon The Portland Personal Trainer

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