Mistakes to Avoid in an Elliptical Workout

Elliptical Workouts are the best for the ones who are looking for a break from the regular strength training and regular running. There are few mistakes that need to be avoided in elliptical workouts to get the maximum benefits out of it.crunches

  • Avoid Slouching: The process of slouching puts in a lot of unwanted pressure on the lower back that which needs to be avoided while working. It is highly recommended to maintain correct postures throughout the workout.
  • Avoid holding too tight: Always try to keep a very loose grip if you are having movable handles by focusing on the lower body. Tightly holding the handles reflects a less effective workout due to lack of resistance.
  • Avoid putting all the body weight in your toes: It is recommended not to keep your weight in your toes during an elliptical workout. This has a negative effect on the butt and the knee area. Always try to put the weight over the heels for targeting the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Avoid holding on: The elliptical workouts are nearly same just as an outdoor running or treadmill workout. Always take the workout up a notch and model a running posture in such a manner that the arms are loose by the sides with the bent elbows closing the sides.
  • Avoid sticking to a constant speed all the time: Working at constant speeds reflects that you are not challenging yourself. Therefore, it is very necessary to try for an Aaptiv workout where the speed keeps on increasing gradually from the time spent on the elliptical.
These elliptical workouts help in maintaining the body physique by burning down calories. It also helps in staying fit.