Mens Fitness in Portland | A Better Back Workout!

Here is a quick tip that you can utilize to get a better back workout. Prior to doing your back exercises you are going to want to stretch your chest muscles. You will want to stretch both your right and left pectoral muscles and hold that stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds. Why should you do this?  Because the pectoral region of your upper body is usually super tight and when performing any back exercises, you cannot get a full range of motion when trying to optimally workout your back. That is why by  stretching those antagonist muscles, this will free up any tension that will go against what you are trying to achieve, a great back workout. When you start to do your back exercises (in-between your sets), keep stretching your chest muscles for the first few sets because the anterior deltoids will also be tight too and we want to make sure they are not holding you back from effectively exercising your back muscles.Thanks,Kisar