Medicine ball exercises - A comprehensive guide

Using medicine balls have always served as a great alternative to gain a curvy and perfect body type. The movements associated with the medicine balls play an impactful role in the improvement of the overall athletic ability of a person. In ancient days, animal skin pouches were filled with sand and used for the patients to recover for injuries related to muscle. It is advised to choose a heavy ball because it tends to make the motion comparatively slower.There are many exercises which you can undertake using the medicine balls.Rock and Roll-UpIt is quite tough to coordinate. It has the capacity to hit all the major muscle groups in a single move. All you need to do is just hold on the medicine ball on the ground with both your arms extended overhead. Next, you have to pull your knees in and use the weight of the ball to control your squat position.Lunge with overhead pressYou need to stand on both your feet and hold the light-weight medicine ball in front of your chest with both the hands.  Next, you need to gently lift your right foot off and bend the knee and hold the position with a single count and step forward into a lunge. You need to perform this with both the legs.Lunge with a twistIt is much like the previous one. You need to completely engage your core and stand with legs apart at the hips’ width. Now, perform the lunge and give yourself a twist on either side. It is recommended to maintain your body stability while performing the lunge.These were a few exercises which you can perform using medicine balls.