Measuring Your Fitness | Fitness Trackers

fitbit fitness trackerI have been using a Fitbit for quite some time, because I was part of that era when the small pedometers came on the market, and they were super popular. The one drawback of the old technology was that it wasn’t accurate and of course, it could not be linked to your android of IOS apple phone, which is key nowadays.I use my Fitbit every day, when I am personal training, walking the dog or doing my own workout, and I love seeing how my steps and calories expended. I would say the drawback are when I take it off, I tend to lose it a lot. I have already lost it twice, but I recovered it. The first time I lost it, a stranger returned it to Fitbit and the company returned it to me; which was awesome. Kudos to the stranger who found it, I am sure they will be receiving some great Karma. Just for Fitbit doing that little thing, made a huge impression on me in regards to customer service.  But to be honest, losing the Fitbit, regardless of where I lose it, is pretty much my fault. That is why I picked a bright pink color for those specific reasons.The app on the IPhone is great along with all the whistles and bells that come along with it. To sum it up, it is more of the accountability of knowing you need to move, but also seeing numeric results of how much you did, helps a ton. You cannot cheat the system if you are wearing it. The only way to do that is just not to wear it.I know the Apple watch has their own tracking version, but what I have seen with clients who use it, it is that it can be challenging for it to track your training heart rate. I see them pushing up higher, but then that makes it uncomfortable. I know for second version was better, but there is still room for improvement.To sum it up, if the device does not get in the way and I can track my steps and calories expended, then I am happy. I think the smart watches are awesome, I just need them to be less bulky, and can withstand both the gym environment and outside variables. I feel with the cool looking smart watches, they are going to get scratched, broken or damaged by bumping up against a piece of equipment, doing bear crawls in the mud or smacking it against an object. That is why wearing a simple Fitbit and maybe a Gshock watch for timing can be very ideal. I mention G Shock watches, because at my Portland personal trainer studio, all of us trainers here use them. They are durable, shock resistance and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and still work perfectly.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241