Master HIIT in just a month

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the most loving kind of workout training. It has gained immense popularity since the past few years and for all the right reasons. This kind of workout is intense and requires a lot of sweat. It results in higher weight loss as it is intense in nature without leaving breathless thanks to the interval given timely.Ab MusclesHIIT is all the more famous as it is better than cardio and is sure to pump you up for it. The more motivated you feel the better you are going to be at it. Hence if you feel it isn’t your cup of tea then here are a few tricks by which you can easily master it.

  1. Don’t give up
The first and most common problems faced by people are right after the first day they give up. Working out itself is a hard decision to adapt. To add on to it high-intensity workouts are sure to take a toll on you be it for whatever does not give up.
  1. Drink water
Try to drink as much water as possible. This will help you to get through the workout with lesser hardship. Water increases metabolism which aids in weight loss. It also helps in the intake of more oxygen thus increasing your strength.
  1. Breathe in and out
Exercise is nothing but making your body work especially with HIIT. To get through the entire procedure without almost feeling like quitting midway breathe in and out throughout those intervals to get in more oxygen which will help you sail through the exercise.