Make your 40s rocking with perfect exercises to balance both your bone density and health

β€˜Men will be men both in their teens and forties.’ It is usually found that a man grows more handsome and fit with his age. The real reason behind it is exercises. At this age you should go for relaxing exercises than the rock-hard exercises. With age, the bones become smaller and more prone to any kind of injury. So, it is advisable to take up light exercise to stay fit and increase your Bone Mineral Density. Check out the below exercises for the same.Wight liftingmen 40s exercisesResearchers show that resistance training is a very effective means of improving bone density. At the age of 40, it is difficult to lift heavy weights but slightly resistive weights can do wonders to your bone density. It keeps you fits as well and gives you a healthy way of living.Cardio with the stairsCardio exercises are very common yet most important for starting a workout. However, with time the traditional cardio machine has changed to a stair monster that gives you better fitness regime to follow. All you have to do is climb stairs the similar way you used the treadmill. This is a perfect way to stay fit in the 40s keeping your BMD balanced.High intensity interval trainingsA man in his 40s is definitely a busy person and hence he should opt for HIIT. He will be able to shed more calories and the more intense his workout will be the more improved his bone mineral density will be. Intense workout with fixed period rest is a perfect routine for staying fit.