Low Back Pain During Sit Ups

Lower back pain is a common travail. You experience this while at the gym, grinding spices or being tall in stature. That same pain can occur while doing sit-ups or crunches. To counter the pain felt during an exercise, there are other exercises you can do which strengthen the corePerforming sit-ups utilize the hip flexor muscles the most. These muscles are situated between the lower back and the thigh bones; unlike usually thought. As the hip flexors are attached to the front of the spine, any work done on it can lead to its tightening. The over-tightening or over-working of the hip flexors can lead to severe discomfort, thanks to the vertebrae pull that is caused.Also, doing sit-ups on a hard surface pushes the spine towards the ground. You can imagine the aggravation of spine discomfort, during each sit-up. Additional pressure on the posterior of the spine can get more worrisome.Sit-ups focus on spinal flexion and its movement. Sit-ups gang up on the front and the midsection muscles. So, the remedy exercise or supportive exercise should focus on both the front and backsides of your core. Ensure you do not rush into these supportive exercises. Take your time, let the pain subside and then only increase the repetitions.Some exercises that you can do are:

  • Side Plank
  • Glute Bridge
  • Front Plank
Another suggestion is a stability ball. The ball gives support for the curve of the spine allowing a reduction in pressure on the vertebrae.