Living with a Seal | A Must Read | 2016

Last week, the UPS guy came in and delivered a Barnes & Noble package to our Portland personal trainer studio. Luckily I was not training anyone at the time, so I was there to give the ol' John Hancock. Any who, I opened up the book and I did not recognize it. I contacted some people and none of them ordered it either, so my next call was to Barnes & Noble, and they told me it is was from a marketing company that they work with and that it was free. My credit card was not going to be charged and she said, just enjoy the book. So that is what I did. I was not sure about it, but I gave it a shot and I Could Not Put It Down! Living with a SealI like to read, but I am not one of those individuals who can just crank through books. I have to have a connection with the topic or at least be intrigued by the subject matter. This book was about a successful individual named Jessie, who hires a bad ass Navy Seal to live with him for 30 days. The person was referred to as Seal in the book, but this guy is labeled the toughest man on earth. He is the only armed forces individual who went through and successfully passed the special forces training in the Navy, Air Force and the Army; and this guy is living with Jessie.You can probably tell how the book is going, but from the moment Seal enters into Jessie's life to the day he has to leave, he not only leaves an amazing impact on Jessie's body, but he leaves a lasting imprint on all aspects of his life and his family's.This book is going to: motivate you to push harder, make you laugh out loud, make you look at your life & the way you think,  make you appreciate what you have, and how you should just go out and give it all no matter what happens, how bad it hurts, and how much it sucks. As Seal would say, get up Mother F####%, there is someone in more pain than you!This book not only was a fun read, it really inspired me to train harder and really work through those mental obstacles. To really focus on the task at hand. The mission is to complete the job, don't ignore it, just go crush it and finish it, and then you can have your Frappuccino.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241