Know the best exercises to strengthen your knees

The weight of the whole body practically comes on knees, as the age increases the knee pain problem arises. In order to avoid future inconvenience caused by the week knees, making them strong is essential.

Women generally suffer from weak knees after a certain age, as the calcium level in the body decreases. However, there are some best exercises which can help you to strengthen your knees, you can perform them and get strong knees for the rest of your life.

·         For the starters, one of the best is to lay on the back and lift your legs at 90 degrees straight. Hold and bend from knees, hold in this position for a minimum of 5 slow counts. Then relax, and repeat the procedure at least 10 times.

·         Squats are important for strengthening knees, however, make sure to hold when you get down, which will add pressure on knees,

·         If you are already experiencing knee pain, everyday light walking is a must, instead of jogging and running a nice slow leisure walk can help in easing the pain as well as strengthening them.

·         Swimming too can be considered as a good exercise for knees as bones and muscles of knees get a workout without carrying any weight on them.

·         Sit straight on a chair and raise a leg one by one from the knee parallel to the ground, this helps to ease any tensions created in the tissues of the knees.

Other than these exercises stretching too plays an important role in strengthening the muscles of the knees.

A strong knee can lead to an active lifestyle. Take care!



Knee exercise

Knee exercise