Keep Your Heart Healthy With Exercises that Protect Your Heart

Among the various risk factors that are blamed for causing heart diseases, some are out of your control. Like, growing age and family history cannot be fought by an individual but there are areas where one can take up measures. To lower the risk of heart diseases, maintaining regular physical activity can help immensely. Your heart is a muscle; therefore it is never too late to start exercising to make your heart stronger.butt exercises

  • Aerobic Exercise- A certified fitness trainer will start off with the aerobics. This type of exercises makes your heart beat faster. It also lowers your blood pressure. Running, biking, jogging are some examples. If you have joint problems, choose a low-impact activity like swimming.
  • Strength Training- Resistance bands, weights or yoga can be a great way to perform strength training. Do it for 2-3 times a week. You can also take a day gap between sessions to let your body recover.
  • Stretching- Doing a couple of stretches for 3-4 times a week will keep you extremely flexible. Stretch after you’ve warmed up or finished exercising. Make sure you do it gently and it doesn’t hurt.
  • Adjust Your Body to Higher challenges- Increase your workout routine and try practicing complex exercises. However do that gradually according to how much your body can cope up with the changes.
  • Change is Fun- Sticking to a particular type of workout routine may seem to tire you more than often when days go by. Change your workout routine sometimes and aim for moderate intensity exercises.
Start with your pace low when you workout and also when you’re at the end of it. Do not stop from a physical activity all of a sudden. Try finishing it at a slower pace and gradually stop.