Portland Personal Trainer | Just Kisar

This was a great week because I finally got down in to the 10% body fat range. My goal is to get down into the 8% range by the end of October. The challenge that I am going to have is that I do not want to lose anymore weight, but I want to keep my muscle mass. What I am going to be doing is adding an extra 250 calories per day to my diet. What I decided to do is rather than buying the low fat/lite Greek Yogurt & Cottage Cheese, I am going to buy the regular ones, but still keep my portions the same. If for some reason my body fat goes back up in conjunction with my weight, I will make my portions little smaller and just add more filler, like fruit, nuts, brown rice crisp, etc. If I keep losing weight, I will have a Lite Bar before bed or two heaping TBSP of tasty Peanut Butter.For those of you who are having a challenging time sticking to a food plan, I recommend having a picture of what you want to look like and post inside your medicine cabinet. This will force you too look at it everyday and help you stay on track. What is crazy, I had a picture of this stock photo of what I wanted to look like and I had it up for at least 2.5 years and I am finally doing it now. Regardless of how long it is up, eventually you will start the process and get to that goal, you just need to know where you want to go before you start the program.Have a great week and I hope Winter gets here soon because I really want to go to snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain!Kisar