Portland Personal Trainer | Is Personal Training Ideal for Children?

By Kisar Dhillon

If you do not help your child now with his battle against obesity, then he is guaranteed to have a greater struggle in his hands as the years pass. Hiring a professional trainer will at least ensure that he does not fall into the kind of daily routine or lifestyle that would promote further idleness in his part and cause a further increase in his weight. Simply put, a trainer will ensure that your child keeps moving to burn off calories in the safest possible way.

Physically debilitating conditions

Asthma and anemia are just some of the types of illnesses that may make your child feel and seem weaker than their peers. Having a professional trainer working with them can, however, ensure that he is able to gradually build his own strength in spite of his condition.

As your child's condition prevents him or her from exercising the way most children do, a personal trainer is definitely needed to ensure that your child gets just the right amount of aerobic exercise and weight lifting and does so at the right pace as well.

A personal trainer will know when and how to push your child beyond his limits without endangering his health. He will also know how to properly motivate children so that they would be more positive about their condition and their potential.


Personal training can also help improve your child's performance in the athletics department, which is likely to be essential if your child is showing all the signs of becoming a future sports hero in the future. In this case, you need to employ a professional trainer to help your child achieve his full potential.

At this point, a professional trainer would pay less attention to your child's requirements in terms of women's fitness or men's fitness. At his age, the health and fitness requirements of your child's gender are inconsequential. Rather, what would matter a lot at this point is that he/she gets the ideal combination of diet and workout to promote maximum growth and development. As such, it would also be ideal in this case to hire a nutritionist and have him or her coordinate with your child's personal trainer.

The situations listed above make up just some of the many other reasons that parents may acquire for hiring a personal trainer for children. In any case, parents should always make sure that the fitness trainer they do hire has a proven track record for working with children.

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