Is Cardio great for Weight Loss?

 Is cardio great for weight loss? The better question to ask, is what type of exercise or fitness routine is best for weight loss, and is a nutrition program combined with exercise going to get you to your goal? There are a lot of great fitness routines and programming out there that can help with weight loss, fat loss and maintaining or gaining lean muscle mass.When someone comes into or Portland personal trainer studio for their consult, one of the questions that we ask is how their body is doing, feeling, etc. You will be surprised on how many individuals have aches, pains, past surgeries, etc.  High intensity interval training or HIIT, has been extremely popular among a lot of fitness enthusiasts the past few years, but a lot of individuals who have pre-existing conditions, are not able to participate in such a rigorous regimen. When this happens, we need to look at various alternatives for them to expend calories from exercise, look at their nutrition for caloric intake, and what types of resistance and cardio their bodies can handle.If someone has knee, hip or lower back issues, running a lot of miles may not be the best mode of exercise, but they can bike, walk, swim and maybe do a stair climber (non-ballistic).Is Cardio excellent for weight loss. Well, the answer is yes and no. If you have not exercised in quite some time and need to lose a lot of excess weight, then yes, it is a great way to lose weight. When you reach a point when you have lost a certain amount of weight loss, and you are becoming very consistent with a workout routine, we would recommend implementing a light resistance component. We want to start addressing your muscle mass and start to counterbalance your weight/fat loss to maintain or increase your lean muscle mass. This will not only allow you to burn more calories because of the energy demands on working various muscle groups, but you will start to create new neural pathways and waking up those muscles that you have not used in a while.If you are an avid exercise person, then high intensity interval training mixed with resistance training could be the way to go. More often, most individuals lift weights most days of the week and will throw in some cardio sessions either on an off day or on the weekends. What really shocks the body is when you start to challenge the anaerobic system with ballistic types of movements, and with someone who is already in shape, their body can respond really well with this type of training, especially when they want to lose body fat. The reason is because they are so used to longer rest periods with traditional weight lifting, and when those lifts are combined with ballistic movements, like plyometrics, etc., it causes the body to demand energy from different systems, which is what we want.So in a quick synopsis: if you have not worked out in a while and want to lose weight then start out with a low impact routine until you develop a good aerobic base and you develop a consistent routine. When you are ready to take it up a notch, consult with a professional to put you on a path of success, like a personal trainer, nutrition coach, etc. If you are already doing a routine and you are in pretty good shape, but you want to lose those last few inches or percentage of body fat, then you will need to look at your current training program: add in some variety, like HIIT, and make sure the intensity on all your other exercises is increased.The last and one of the most important things is also the food intake! I know this can be very emotional for some people, but when it comes to making amazing changes with weight lossbody composition and overall inches, you will need to start looking at your food intake and what you are actually eating throughout the day. A lot of people will say they do not eat a lot, and that may be true, but the foods that you do eat can be dense in sugar, fat, etc., and your body may not be able to utilize those nutrients efficiently, and it will counteract everything you are trying to do. Here is what any great food coach, nutritionist or dietitian will tell you they need before you consult with them. You will need to write down everything you eat for an entire week. I mean everything: what you drink, what you put in your coffee, how many times you go for seconds, what you nibble on, what times you are eating, etc. The one great thing about this is that you will realize how much you eat, how much you don't eat, how much you drink or not, and what types of foods and what food groups you desire. Once you start writing this down, you will not only be able to think it, but you will see it too, which is powerful.That is it! Cardio will get you to lose weight to a certain extent, but then you need to start adding the other tools to keep the momentum going, and that is weight training and nutrition. Take it one step at a time, because doing it all at once can be overwhelming, daunting and can create burn out, which is what you do not want. Get help where you feel you need help in. If you need help with nutrition, you can try all the app's, but you may need a food coach. If you have the nutrition down and you are not doing the exercise part, then hire a personal trainer. Find out what you are good at and get help with what you are not. You want to set yourself up to win, so play to your strengths and find a professional that will help you with the areas you can improve on. The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241