Interval Training vs. Steady State Cardio

If you have the goals of transforming yourself from fat to fit, then cardio is the most. It does not only burn the calories but also make your lungs, heart, and muscles healthy. The basic level norm is the steady-state cardio. Apart from this, many people prefer highly intense interval training.


Basics of Steady State Cardio


It is of moderately intense cardio exercise where you need consistent motion but moderate intensity to maintain throughout the exercise. On exertion scale, it is of level 4 to 5.


  • The below advantages are there in steady-state cardio training.

  • It puts lower stress on the cardio system.

  • It helps to build endurance for both muscles and heart.

  • Make muscles oxygen demand more to improve health.

  • Fastly recover your body's stability.

  • Use your body fat to enhance body fitness.

HIIT VS. Steady State Cardio

HIIT VS. Steady State Cardio

Why Interval Training?

The highly intense training is useful to work on heart rates. It usually pushes your body apart from the comfort zone for a few minutes. The work set is following by a shorter recovery period.


There are specific plus points you get by interval training.


  • It stimulates both aerobic as well as anaerobic systems.

  • It makes the glucose balance well in the body by maintaining the proper insulin sensitivity.

  • It burns a lot more calories to stabilize the systems of the body.

  • It is of shorter workouts to boost the quick fit results.

If you are fresher, then go for steady-state cardio exercise. Then slowly move to interval training for getting better results because interval training has some drawbacks too for a brighter like initial injuries and uncomfortableness.

Steady State Cardio

Steady State Cardio