Internal Training Timers | Which One Should I Use?

There are different methods and protocols that you can use in regards to timing your intervals. The three that I have used are the Gym Boss timer that you can order online, Tabada timer that you can download on your smart phone, and a stop watch. The cool thing with the Tabada timers are that you can combine it with your music. For example, if you have the Tabada timer and play list on your phone, you can use that with your class or client.  I would recommend if you are going to use a Tabada timer on a smart device, I would use an Ipad or Itouch so you don't get any interruptions from personal calls, texts or emails. The Gym Boss is ideal too because it can clip right on you (light) and it is great for outdoor interval training.If all that you have is an old fashioned stop watch, make sure you are consistent with your work and rest periods and that you keep track of how many cycles you have done.Have fun with all three of these methods.Thanks,Kisar Dhillon