Improve Mobility With Office Hour Stretches

Isometric Exercises are strength-training exercises during which angle of joints and length of muscles remain sun changed. The Sitting Isometric Exercises are perfect for a busy office, as you can do them without disturbing others around you. Done against resistance, particularly important are those that involve strengthening of the neck and rest of spine. These help to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain and also help to keep them at bay.Sitting Isometric Exercises For The Neck

  • Right and left side neck muscles –For right side, place right hand on the head’s right side and above the ear.Press head against the hand and hand against the head.Repeat for left side.
  • Back of the neck muscles -Interlace fingers to join the palms and place them at the back of the head. Press head against the hands and hands against the head.
  • Front of the neck muscles -Place bottom of the hands on the forehead, above the eyebrows. Press forehead against the bottom of the hands and bottom of the hands against the forehead.
Sitting Isometric Exercises For The Rest Of Spine
  • Interlace fingers to join palms and place them at the base of the skull. The thumbs must ‘run’ down the side of ears.Alternately dip to the left and right sides, with opposite elbows pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Place hands on the lower back with fingers facing down and the thumbs wrap-around the hips. Arch spine so that your face faces the ceiling.
For all exercises, sitting straight, gentle movements, restand timing, are vital. After rest, the exercise is repeated for the second time or for the other side.