How to Stay Fit By Performing the Clam Crunch Exercise?

An excellent exercise to build a strong core and get effective circulation, the clam crunch can be performed anywhere. All you need is a comfortable mat, comfortable enough to lie down and of course, focus to build a strong core. Ensure you are performing this on an empty stomach.Let’s look at the steps on how to perform the clam crunch exercise.Step 1

  • Look for enough open area to be able to perform the clam crunches
  • Place a mat (a padded exercise mat to be precise) on the floor
  • If you cannot find a mat, simply fold a blanket multiple times and lay on the floor to protect your back.
Step 2
  • Start by lying down on your back
  • Your knees should be bent and feet must be flat on the floor
Step 3
  • Now move your hands to the back of your head
  • Your elbows need to be in parallel to your ears and head
Step 4
  • Now form the clam shape by bringing your knees up
  • Ensuring your feet are touching each other
Step 5
  • Now start the crunching by curling your upper body towards the pelvis
  • At the same time bending your clam shaped knees
  • Your elbows need to touch the knees
Step 6
  • A variation to this is that you can lower your upper body
  • Keep the clam shaped knees touched the ground
  • This way only the upper body gets crunching
Step 7
  • Perform up to 3 sets of 8-12 crunches.