How to plan your summer workouts?

Working out can be a challenge in summer, as you may feel lagged to get up and hit the gym in the morning. Also if you go to the gym in evening, after a tiring day where all your energy is soaked, it’s tough. You need to plan your summer workouts in a smart way, which will motivate you and work in your favor. Let’s hear out how to plan your summer work outs efficiently, to keep the waistline intact.More HydrationHydration plays a key role in workouts, and summer can hamper your Hydration of the body with ease. So during summer make sure to have plenty of water all throughout the day. Just after the workout session, you may have some Glucose-water, or any oral rehydration solution to keep your Hydration intact. Else you may start to catch muscle cramps.Less CardioSummer takes out a lot of you during the daytime, and you will be happy to know, just staying out in that heat is doing half the work of a cardio session. Cardio sessions are usually intensive, and one should opt for less cardio during this season. Also one should go for weights to maintain the perfect balance.Alternative daysGive your body rest. If your body lacks the rest, it will never be capable to give you the result, for which you are working out so much. Does a 4 day work out session a week during summer, taking a day off in every alternate day?This is how one should plan their summer workouts to active, fit and energized, altogether.