How to plan a workout if you have less time in hand?

Planning workouts is a very tough job. You need to have enough information about the type of exercises which requires lesser time but is comparatively more efficient. Once you can get hold of all the necessary exercises, you can insert them in your workout plan. To help you out with your workout plan, here are some ideas which you can put in together to make the most ideal workout plan:DeadliftsThis is a very complex kind of exercise or body movement which a person does in the gym.  It requires a lot of coordination. It plays a major role in building up the entire back chain of muscles and improving the body posture and gripping ability. Deadlifts help a lot for losing calories and results in core development.DipsNo wonder dips are important in our daily workout plan. It is helpful because it targets the upper part of the body muscles and plays an impactful role in muscle building. It can be easily undertaken at home also as it does not require the use of any special gym equipment.Front SquatsThis is considered a very powerful exercise. It results in better lower body flexibility, especially the ankles and the knees. Front squats play a major role in developing a proper posture as it requires holding weight on the front side of the shoulders. It activates glutes too.Chin-UpsChin-ups are a great exercise which paired up with dips helps in maintaining the health of the upper body. The variations used in pulling the entire body weight to the bar helps in the development of the biceps, the back, and front delts and also hand grip.