Tips on How to Pick a Personal Trainer | Portland Personal Trainer

When it comes to picking or finding a personal trainer, there are some simple rules that you should abide by. The first one is ask your family and friends if they know of one. Second, do some research on that person, but also look online for other studios and fitness facilities and see how there reviews are.If you are searching for a personal training facility or studio, go in for your initial consult. Most of the time there is no charge, but pick a place that you feel comfortable with and fits not only what you are looking for, but also your budget. Some individuals really do not care about the facility, but are just looking to get a workout, move, maybe meet some new friends and just be in a group setting, and those is totally fine. Those types of facilities usually have a lower barrier to entry and will work for a lot of individuals who are on a budget. The one drawback is that you will not get personalized attention as you would with professional private training. Now, if you are looking for a more premium personal training experience, then you will want to seek out studios that are more private, strictly by appointment only. The difference when going to these types of facilities is that the personal trainers tend to have more years of experience, tend to work with clientele that expects superb customer service, and that want more private and personalized training.There is a training place for each type of person, and there are individuals who just like to be in a gym setting. Back in the day, a lot of us loved to workout in gyms, etc., because it was a social setting. Nowadays, with everyone on their headphones and using there smart phones, it can be challenging to make friends or even ask individuals to help you with a lift or spot.To sum it up! If you are looking for a Portland personal trainer or a fitness professional, decide what type of setting you want to be in. If you prefer group, then find a group focused facility or studio, if you are looking for more exclusive and private training, then seek out more veteran trainers and the more premium brand personal training studios. Either way, you will be focusing on your health and wellness and if you are making that extra effort, it is win win for everyone. Good luck and stay healthy!The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241