How to lose weight without equipment?

Weight gain is now increasing distress amongst the population. Though a huge number of people to make their way to the gym, a larger number of people don’t. Be it for whatever reason. For such people who don’t prefer gym over the home, there is a bunch of exercises to try your hand at home. Here’s a list of exercises which would assure results eliminating the equipment –Planks – One of the most convenient ways to shed those extra kilos off without putting in huge efforts is by doing planks. Lay down on a flat surface on your stomach. Then raise your body with your elbows and feet in such a way that your back and hips are aligned. Hold this position for 30 seconds or more. In a few months, you will see the difference.Squats – Squats are those which strengthen not only your back and butt but also your thighs and abdomen. Stand on a flat surface with your legs stretched as your arm length. Hold both your arms in front and trying almost sitting pushing your hip and butt behind. Try to do these for at least 30 times.Lunges – An exercise which helps to you to achieve those toned legs is lunges. Stand with your hands on your hips and legs spread arm width. Then take your right leg forward and bent your body in right-angled towards the front. Hold your position for 30 seconds and repeat it with the other leg.exerciseDo not worry about not having equipment, these exercises are sure to help you.