How To Lose Inches in Two Weeks?

Exercise is like work, you need to put effort. And if you are one of those people who wants the results fast. Then you have to work hard definitely.  And when it comes to getting results it gets doubled and tripled. And your progress motivates you to push forward and work more and harder.  So this two week recipe will be an intense one because from a relaxing one to work out will be tough.  Here is the routine you should be followingFitness Trainer Portland1st weekDay 1-

  1. Push ups should be done 10 times.
  2. 20 times body-weight squats
  3. Forward Lunges for each leg 5 times
  4. Plank Hold should be done for 10 seconds
(you can start this session again after resting for 30 seconds)Day 2-
  1. You need to do some warm exercises.
  2. You can do a running or jogging session for 30 minutes. Increase your mileage with time. If you feel tired take rest for 10 minutes and then stretch.
Day 3-There are few exercises same as 1st day.
  1. Plank hold and bodyweight squads
  2. Leg raises are to be done for 20 repetition
  3. Lateral Lunges for 20 times in all total
Day 4-
  1. Push ups for 60 seconds.
  2. Side plank for each side 30 seconds
  3. Incline and Decline push up for each 30 seconds
2nd weekDay 1-
  1. Jump Squats for 50 times
  2. Sit ups
  3. 50 times push ups
  4. Jump lunges for 40 times in total
Day 2-
  1. You need to do a run of 400 meter 4 to 6 times
  2. Before the run you need to warm up.
  3. At the end cool down take rest and stretch
Day 3-Body squats, sit ups. Box jumps and burpees are to be done 50 times.Day 4-This is the last day of workout-
  1. Squats for 20 times
  2. Jump Squats for 10 times
  3. Jump lunges for 10 times in total
  4. Forward Lunges for 10 times