How to Get Fit at Home without Gym Equipment

Hitting the gym is not always possible. You may not get sufficient time to visit the gym or you are too far from the gym. However, this should not become an obstacle in your fitness, as there are many such exercises, which you can do at home without any gym equipment and still get a fit and fine body. In addition, you need to know what these exercises are and how you have to do them in order to get success.Below are certain exercises, which you can do at home without gym and can still get a gym like body:exercises do at home

  1. Cardio: You can do cardio at your home without any treadmill or any equipment. Simple running for certain time will help you warm up for your workout.
  2. Pushups: For doing pushups, you don’t need any equipment or machines. All you need is an open space where you can lie down and do few sets of pushups and can strengthen your muscles and biceps.
  3. Squats or lunges: If you want to work on your lower body then squats and lunges are best and you can do them at home without any equipment, which is a good thing, as you do not need any gym membership for that.
  4. Sit ups, crunches or planks: for well-toned abs and string core, you need no equipment but all you need to do is few reps of sit-ups, crunches and planks to focus on your core muscles.