How to Effectively Plan Your 8 minutes at the Gym

Nowadays, people are extremely busy because of the rush in their life and thus often miss their regular working out which can cause serious negative consequences in their health condition. This blogs tells you about some of the very important exercises which can be done at the gym and will take not more than 8 minutes. The necessary exercises are as follows:

  • Warm up your body
This is very important or otherwise heavy exercising can lead to muscle cramps. You can do the ‘on the spot walk jog’ for this. It will heat up your body, help in blood circulation and prevent you muscle cramps.Stress and Anxiety
  • Plank squat
This is one of the most important exercises for reducing belly and waist fat. Keep your abs tight and feet apart. In the next step bend your knees and shift the entire weight towards your back. Do not forget to keep your body parallel to the floor.
  • Spider run
This exercise is quite similar to the plank exercise. The only difference which exists is that you need to put the right or the left leg forward. Keep doing this with your alternate legs and do this as quickly as possible. Try to keep minimum time in between the movements.
  • Knee Drive or rear low lunge
First of all stand straight and keep our arms by your side. After this, move your right leg to a lower lunge by bending both the knees at a 90 degree position. Push off and then jump straight. This can be done at alternate sides.These were some of the important exercises which should be done in the gym every day.