How Exercise Equipment is Placed | Working Harder in the Gym

There was in an interesting article that was posted in the Wall Street Journal (link to online article) about the placement of cardio exercise equipment and how people determine which pieces of equipment we will use, and how hard we will exercise (intensity).  You would think that if you placed fitness equipment facing the windows so we can see out that it would motivate us to exercise harder because of the beautiful scenic view of nature, people, wildlife, etc., but it is the exact opposite. The take away was that when you work on pieces of equipment that are facing inwards, towards the individuals who are exercising, a person tends to work harder. Meaning, if you see others working out harder than you, we will challenge ourselves more. I can totally see this now in how fitness gyms, Portland personal training studios and group classes set up their facilities. I have also been to gyms where pieces of equipment, especially the cardio machines, are in a total separate area with no view, except in front of mirror or a television/multimedia screen. I have even been to places where you are just looking at wall and it is awful. So yes, it makes sense to see that the placement of certain machines, even weights, are strategically placed for visual motivation.My other take away from the article was how existing and new machines were placed. The old way of positioning fitness equipment was to highlight them in a new area of the gym or fitness room, because it would motivate people to check it out. It can also be a great selling tool for new members, new personal training clients or group fitness enthusiasts, to see that the business is investing in new equipment. This can create positive and negative emotions according to the article, and I can totally relate. I have been in places where new equipment is spotlighted and you are sort of intimidated because you need to look at it for a minute to figure out how to use it. By reading the article, based on research and an outside firm’s analysis, it is better to position them with all of the rest of the machines/cardio equipment, and the clients/members will figure it out as a natural process. No one wants to be spotlighted trying to figure out how to start a machine, it is just a really weird feeling. Some people are self-conscious just to be at a gym, and to start stressing out on how to start their routine, could be very discouraging for some people.The next time you are at a gym, Portland personal trainer studio, group fitness class or CrossFit box, see how the equipment is arranged. Yes, there will be some places where the business just does not care, because it is a sweat box or lifting gym, but others really want to attract a certain clientele, and want them to come back. Notice how the upper tier gyms have arranged their equipment versus the lower tier ones. You will be surprised what kind of research has been done to determine frequency, usage and placement of machines on a gym floor. Read the article in the Wall Street Journal to get more insight on what these larger fitness companies are using to analyze equipment usage, etc., it is pretty cool. The link is placed in the first sentence of this blog post.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241