HIIT and Tabata | Interval Training | Intensity Training

HIIT and TabataThere are lots of different types of workouts that fall under the HIIT umbrella.  The Tabata workout is one of them.  Fundamentally, the Tabata workout is classic HIIT – high intensity intervals with little rest – but it differs from other types of HIIT in a few key ways.The main difference in a Tabata workout is the length and distribution of the rest periods.  In more traditional HIIT exercises, rests are thirty to sixty seconds long.  Tabata workouts, on the other hand, have only ten second long rests.  The other main difference is in the length of the bouts of exercise.  Tabata workouts typically have intervals of exercise that last only twenty to thirty seconds at a maximal pace – as hard as you can possibly go for those twenty seconds.  Other HIIT workouts have intervals of several minutes, and the intensity of the bouts of exercise decreases correspondingly.  That’s not to say that Tabata is more difficult than other types of HIIT.  The intervals are more intense, yes, but they are also significantly shorter and there are typically fewer of them.Tabata is a HIIT exercise, make no mistake of that, but it is unique amongst HIIT exercises in how intense the intervals are and how quickly the workout can be done.  As with most HIIT, Tabata workouts are great ways to increase cardiovascular strength and stamina.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241