High Intensity Interval Training

It is very true that one can carry out High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at a very comfortable intensity when starting. But the aim should be to work as hard as you can to maximal your heart rate to 100%. Ideally not only working out but holding on the intensity for a longer span of time should be your aim.Are you eager to know why HIIT is so popular?HIIT 

  • These are the workouts that alternate between intense, quick activities and fixed rest periods.
  • It’s perfect for a busy schedule person. Get a full workout in less than 20 minutes.
  • It will help you burn more fats. HIIT helps kick your repair cycle into the hyperdrive.
  • You will build a healthier heart as it pushes you into the anaerobic zone.
  • It help losing weight and not the muscle. This exercise helps preserve the muscles and burns just the fats
  • You don’t possibly need to go to a gym for it. You can do these exercise anywhere without any excuses
  • It improves the glucose metabolism thus helping improve on an athletes’ capacity.
As per a recent study there was a difference found in people who did steady state cardio exercise 3 times for duration of 30 minutes in a week to those who performed high intensity interval training, 3 times for 20 minutes in a week! As observed both the groups had akin loss in the weight. But the steady person had lost only 0.3 percent of the body fat; whereas the high intensity interval training person showed up more than 2 percent loss in the reading of body fat. On the other hand the HIIT fellow had gained almost two pounds of his muscles and the other person had lost a pound.