Portland Personal Trainer | Kisar's | Hanging Single Leg Resistance | Ab-Crunch

Hanging Single Leg Resistance Ab-CrunchIt is just like doing a Hanging crunch bringing both knees towards your chest, but in this case I want you to cross your right leg on top of your left leg (slightly above your knee).  When you have your leg in position I want you to bring your left leg up doing a single leg hanging crunch, but now your right leg is adding extra resistance on the way up and down. Then I want you to cross your left leg on top of your right leg and do the exact same thing, but with the opposite side, brining your right leg up towards your chest.BreakdownRequirements: Pull-Up Bar or somewhere to hang from your hands comfortablySets: Do 3 Sets per side (left & right sides)Repetitions: Do 20 to 30 Rep’s per side w/a 2-second hold at the end of each set per sideStretch: Make sure you are warmed up prior to starting this exercise. We do not want to pull any muscles. After each complete set, I would recommend stretching your quadriceps in order to loosen up those hip flexors that are really getting activated throughout this entire exercise. You can also stretch your lower back & abdominal muscles if needed.Hope You Enjoy It,Kisar