Guide to leg work out using free weights

Legs are the bases of the human body. Our legs carry the entire weight of our body and help to maintain the balance of our body. Therefore it is essential to inculcate a few workouts in the daily routine to have strong legs muscles. Workout not only strengthens the body but also relaxes the mind of a person. The exertion involved in a workout refreshes the body.strechingTips for leg workoutsHere are a few tips on leg workout that will definitely help a person to have a strong leg muscle using free weights:

  • The front squat is one of the best exercises for not only the legs but also for the lower body. The heels of the legs must be pressed on the ground, the elbows must be kept high and the knees must be out. Squatting in this posture will help to gain strength.
  • Strong calf muscles are very important for the strength of the legs and body stability. Calf raisesexercise will help strengthen the calf muscles. One must stand on the toes on the edge of a box and lowers the feet as much as they can and then slowly one must start to push up and gradually squeeze at the top.
  • Split squats are another good exercise. All one needs to do is to leave some space between a bench and themselves so that one has a proper range of motion.
Applying these simple workouts, one can easily have strong legs that will help them to balance the body and remain fit.