Gopher Performance Nucleus Omnibell | Hybrid Kettlebell & Dummbell

The Nucleus Omnibell by Gopher PerformanceIf you were to take a novice fitness person and ask them to pick up a 15lb kettlebell or a dumbbell and then press it over their head, curl it, row it, etc.,  which one do you think they could do with ease? I would be more than confident that the novice person would be picking up a dumbbell. Why? This is something they are familiar with, they have seen or used them in the past, and they have seen others use them. With the emergence of Kettlebells being so popular among other types of activities such as Crossfit, Olympic lifting and strength competitions, a certain section of the fitness population is using them. This population represents a small fraction of the normal workout population, but among this niche group, they are very popular. They are many fitness experts who will have their opinion on  which is better, etc., but as of now, they are a tool for working out and they are here to stay.  That being said, Kettlebells are great, but they are not for everyone, especially the novice person who is just starting out.So how are we to give individuals the benefits and cool factor of a kettlebell, the comfort of a dumbbell, and provide similar muscular responses? The workout tool is called, the Nucleus Omnibell by Gopher Performance.  So why are these a better option? Because they are a safer, especially when training a large group of individuals who are not super advanced in the art of lifting or maneuvering kettlebells or dumbbells through dynamic movements. Yes, if there is a learning curve, Kettlebells & dumbells are great. For individuals who are looking for a full body workout, the Nucleus Omnibell is something that will provide a safe and balanced weight lifting move that can decrease your chance of injury in a large group fitness class. Once you go away from private personal training and venture into a group fitness class, as an instructor,  you want to pick exercises, modalities and options that will minimize risk, increase performance and create a lasting impression on having an awesome workout. If there is any chance that a lifting move can be safer with another option, and create the same or similar result, then that is what we want to go with. That is why we think the Nucleus Omnibell is a great choice, especially when the resistance loads start to get heavier. We want a balanced weight that will help someone with their form and technique, but most of all feel confident that they can execute the exercise correctly.What are some cons of the this type of weight. I wish that Gopher Performance made them in smaller weight increments below the 18lbs. They are a lot of people that need weight between 8-20lbs, so if someone wants to outfit their studio or gym with Nucleus Omnibells, they are going to need a combination of other weights to satisfy the lower weight requirements. As a Portland personal trainer professional and studio owner, it is very important to stick with good design and when you start to mix and match weights, etc., it just starts to make things look cluttered.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241