Golden Rules to Have a Flat Abs

For the people who are metabolically broken, losing the belly fat is really a tough task. Maximum people fail to lose the unwanted belly fat and tend to blame their workout procedure, their trainer or something else. If you want to have a flat belly, don’t think about exercises or calories or diet only but also about the hormones. Here are some golden rules to improve health, reboot metabolism and to have flat abs.Fitness Trainer Portland

  • Avoid Inflammatory Foods: - If you have fat around your tummy it is a sign of insulin resistance. This results in inflammation which prevents weight loss. To reverse metabolic damage in order to reduce inflammation avoid foods which are high in fructose like wheat, vegetable oils, corn syrup and soy and take anti-inflammatory foods like flour, coconut oil, honey etc. In this way, you will have healthy cells which will activate hormones such as glucagon, adrenaline etc.
  • Avoid Digestive Disrupters:-If you intake something which your body cannot recognize, it leads to inflammation then nutrient imbalances and finally to weight gain. Such ingredients include- oxalates, phytates, tannins, lectins and trypsin. Now if you have consumed much of such low-quality foods containing preservatives and artificial ingredients then the gut inflammation must be reduced first. Going on cleanse or reducing calories is not sustainable if you want to clean the digestive system, avoid such processed foods in long term.
  • Reduce Stress: - If you are stressed do know it is the reason for the loss of metabolism and also the loss of the ability to lose the belly fat. Cortisol, the stress hormone helps to store more belly fat by breaking precious muscle tissue and reducing the metabolic rate. To reduce stress follow these three techniques:-
  1. Diaphragmatic breathing:- Shallow breaths lowers the oxygen level, causes neck pain, poor posture and a slower rate of metabolism and finally makes it tough to have a flat tummy. Focus on taking five deep breaths in via nose and through your mouth out and particularly try to inhale from the belly.
  2. Exercise:-Do the low-stress exercises as they known as natural anti-depressant since they make the mood better by releasing specific happy-hormones.
  3. Meditation: - For meditation just sit for 10 minutes in silence regularly. Researchers have revealed that meditation reduces stress most effectively by reducing the level of stress hormones.
  • Metabolic reconditioning training:-Exercise is the best way possible to get rid of belly fat. The hormonal power is the main power of the metabolic exercise. It helps to increase the level of the fat burning hormones like glucagon and growth hormones which on the other hand lowers the level of insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. Exercise also effectively increases endurance, stamina, conditioning and the level of the happy hormone serotonin.