Golden Rules To Follow While Exercising After A Surgery

In general, patients are encouraged to get out of bed and sit out or move around as much as possible. But, in certain cases, they are specifically forbidden to do so. The reason can be the nature of the surgery or specific medical conditions. For example, a patient with severe leg injury may need to be restricted to bed for a period of time. However, there are certain golden rules regarding exercising after surgery, which are described below.Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions PreciselyIf in doubt, it is important to clarify instructions before proceeding. Exercises are prescribed depending upon your surgery and physical fitness otherwise. Accordingly, the exercises you are allowed to do and the time when you are allowed to do them will vary.Remain Within The Limits That Has Been SetDoing more of a good thing may do more harm than benefit you. If you are having discomfort, pain or any other symptoms, please stop and go back to your doctor.Breathing Exercises And Movement Are ImportantBreathing exercises reduce the risk of chest infections. Additionally, exercising your legs and arms to keep your muscles strong. Both of these are especially beneficial if you have been confined to bed for a long time. Furthermore, eating a healthy diet during the recovery period is key and if permitted eating more proteins too.Thus, following your surgeon’s do’s and don’ts is vital. Your surgeon will take account for any other conditions like diabetes or heart disorders you may have. She/he knows what is best for you after surgery so that you can make a quick and complete recovery.