Getting Sick from Over Training | Recover Days Are a Must

Can you get sick from training too much, or not paying attention to the signs that your body needs to rest? Yes, you can! We even see it sometimes in the studio when our Portland personal training clients are training extremely hard for big race or event and they are under the wire in regards to hitting certain milestones. Whenever we see any kind of kick back from the body that even looks like it is going to fight back, we always recommend a few days of rest. The worse thing is to get head strong and just push through. Yes, you may feel immediately better after the workout, but the body will realize that it needed rest and the sickness, temperature and just the body shut down can come on quicker.Recovery DaysIf you start getting a lot of aches that won’t go away, the sniffles or even a mild cough, listen to your body. If you feel that it is not getting better, then go see your doctor. Over-training is something that athletes & fitness enthusiasts like to ignore because it is going to mess up their routine.  We have all done this and we can all say, we should have taken a rest that day or for the whole week.What happens is that we tend to think, especially individuals who are new to fitness and training, that we get all of our results in the gym.  Your body gets the positive results from all of your hard work when it is allowed to rest and recover. This happens when you are sleeping, hanging out with friends or just watching television or reading a great book.  There are some physical feats that your body can accomplish when performing in an event, game, etc., and that is what we strive for. In order for you to perform awesome that day, the body needs the proper rest, nutrients and game plan. If you just go-go-go and expect WIN-WIN-WIN, you may end up disappointed more frequently. The rule of thumb is:  listen to your body and incorporate recovery days. Don’t work-out when you are sick because your body is already trying to recover on its own and adding more stress to it will just reverse that process.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington StreetSuite 137Portland, Oregon 97214503-953-0241