Getting Back Into Training | Portland Personal Trainer | The First Two Weeks

At our Portland personal trainer studio, when a brand new client comes to us with an end goal, one of our first conversations we have with them is that the initial two weeks are going to be a transitional period. Meaning, it is just like starting a new job, it is going to be uncomfortable, new, but also a learning experience. We strongly encourage each and everyone that has not exercised in quite sometime to surrender to the process and trust us that it will work with frequency, consistency and a willing to get to that next level.In addition, weighing yourself everyday is recipe for disaster. If you just can't do that, then make it a goal to weigh yourself on a specific day and time of the week, but not everyday. Your weight is going to fluctuate based on what you ate, how hydrated you are, if you have gone to the bathroom or not, stress and just the environment you are in at that time.What we recommend at The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon is to be patient, you are going to be training at a good intensity, so make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and that you are communicating with your personal trainer on how you are feeling.The Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon 107 SE Washington Street Suite 137 Portland, Oregon 97214 503-953-0241