Get Rid of these Fitness Myths

If you are hitting the gym on a regular basis and still not getting any improved results on your weight, then it is possible that you are following an improper diet and all the worse still, improper advice. Erase out these common mistakes from your workout and see for yourself as the body get stronger, fitter, and leaner.Myth1: Crunch can reduce your weightCrunches might be the most powerful abdominal exercise which trainers might recommend, but relying on crunches is not always the best way to slim your midriff. On the other hand, you will cut off more weight from your waist far more effectively by doing planks and bridges.Myth2: Sweat does not always reduce calorieDrenched in sweat after you have had put in an extra hour in the cardio? Sorry, but that does not necessarily mean you have lost calorie. Sweat is a biological procedure through which the skin gets cool and also helps in controlling internal body temperature. Therefore, every time it might not be the calorie but the skin cooling itself from the temperature in the studio.Myth 3: Running weakens the kneesJogging on the pavement is more helpful for the joints than contact sports like football. It's totally harmless. It has been found that old runner’s knees were healthier than the people who avoid running.Although the exercise of all sorts increases our flexibility and are good for the body, do not fall for these fitness myths. Speak to a trainer for a fit body and mind.