Get Rid Of Post-Workout Insomnia

There is no fixed time for getting a workout during the day. Some prefer the early morning pre-office time, while some hit the gym once they are done with work. All this is fine. But what about those who have no choice but to burn their calories while burning the midnight oil? Those who work out at night say that they actually get good sleep while working out at night.During the workout, our brain releases endorphins- which are natural painkillers. In case you are feeling depressed, exercise can promote positive feelings and overcome sadness. At the same time, exercise also leads to the increase in cortisol –which leads to stress levels going up. Let’s look at 5 steps on getting rid of post-workout insomnia.Build a Routine

  • Studies note that getting up early and working out leads to good sleep
  • Deeper sleep cycles are formed which easily reduce stress
  • If you cannot do so on mornings, schedule your workout properly
Stay Cool
  • Drop in temperature promotes better sleep
  • It brings the temperature back to normal
De-Stress Yourself
  • The build-up of cortisol can calm the sympathetic nervous system
  • This also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you unwind
Bedtime Ritual
  • Disrupt the light at night and induce darkness to try getting some sleep
  • Try reading or listening to music to get into the habit of sleeping early
Sleep Inducing Brews
  • Try chamomile tea – It induces sleep and fills up nutrients
  • Drink smoothies which provide a boost of vitamin C and magnesium