Get Relief from tight, sore neck with just in 6 Stretches

  1. Seated neck release: seat on a chair and place your feet flat on the ground. Now stretchstretching you right arm along the right side of the chair. Slightly tilt your head to the left and position your left hand on the top of your head. Now gently pressure your hand increasing the stretch.
  2. Seated clasping neck stretch: Sit on a chair clasping your hands and place both your palms at the back of your head. Ground your hips firmly on the chair. Now press your towards your thighs folding your chin into your chest. Now pull your head away from your shoulder with the help of the heels of your palms.
  3. Grounded tipover tuck: first seat in Child pose. If you are ready then interlace your hands in a double fist. Press the heels of your palms to increase the stretch. Now lift your hips off your heels shifting your weight forward. Try extending your hand close to the ground.
  4. Behind the back neck stretch: Stand with your arms by your side, hip and feet distance apart. Now hold your left wrist with your right hand. Now slowly straighten your left arm. Slower your right ear to increase the stretch at your neck.
  5. Seated heart opener:start with Reclining Hero Pose. Lean back with your hands with your palms flat on the floor. Lift the chest high pressing your hand on the floor. Arch your back and lower your head behind you.
  6. Bridge: lay back placing your hands by the sides of your body, palms facing down. Place your feet flat on the floor, bend the knees. Lift your hips off the ground with your feet and palm pressing on the floor.