Get Relief From Muscle Soreness In Easy Steps

Sore muscles can occur due to intensive exercise. They can linger up to 3 days causing discomfort, reduced movement and can easily make you take off from work or cancel the trip to the gym. The common misconception is that muscle soreness is a result of a good workout. It actually means that you worked too hard. To go back to the gym for the next workout, let’s look at 8 ways you can get relief from muscle soreness.Ice It Out

  • Icing the muscles reduces inflammationweightlifting exercise
  • It is a natural defense mechanism
  • It is the safest and simplest sore muscle killer
  • It also speeds up the healing process
Eat Well
  • Add the calories on such as fats and proteins
  • Engage in protein supplements
  • Eating well also form amino acids
  • Lengthen those stiff muscles
  • Increase mobility and circulation
Foam Roll
  • A foam roller reduces stiffness
  • 5 rolls on each major muscle are a must
  • Focus more on the sore areas
  • Foam alone won’t help, massage the area as well
  • Massage between workouts for best results
Heat Yourself
  • Heat builds circulation and helps recover faster
  • Do it between workouts for best results
Fatty Acids
  • Increase the intake of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Meat, salmon, avocado, and walnuts are some examples
  • It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties
Be Mobile
  • Get into recovery workouts to keep the circulation going
  • Go on walks or hike. Attend yoga too
  • Monitor your heart rate as well. 140 BPM is perfect