Get Accustomed with The Big Bouncy Stability Ball

Stability balls are just more than what they look like. They are not mere big balls for to sit and bounce for fun, they offer a great way to improve strength, cardio endurance and balance. Stability balls take ncalf workoutormal squats or push-ups to the next level. These bouncy balls are great for getting back into normalcy after a muscle injury. Apart from that, they go a long way to helping you maintain your regular fitness.● Overhead Ball Squat: These are more challenging than regular squats and hit the right spot in melting that adamant fat. For this, hold the stability ball with extended arms overhead while you do your regular squats. Try 10 to 15 reps each set.● Wall Squat: Stand with your back to the wall with a minimum distance of three feet (or depending on the size of the stability ball). Place the ball between the wall and your back and squat down slowly, until the legs form 90 degree angles at the knees.● Squat and Reach: Squat and Reach will work up those abs and arms and legs. Hold the ball with straight arms so that it is level with your face. Squat down, bringing the ball all the way above the left foot. Repeat the process on your right side. Go for 3 sets of 15.These three squat exercises are easy and most effective with a stability ball. There are core exercises like knee tucks and V-Sit exercise that you can do with the stability ball as well.