Get a hold on weak knees with these exercises

The entire weight of the body of a human being is on the legs. So it is important to have strong leg muscles and knees. Weaker knees will affect the human body and the overall body structure. A healthy person can work for a longer period of time. Therefore it is important to do knee exercises on a regular basis. This will not only strengthen the knees but also the leg muscle.professional strechingTips on knee exercisesHere are some basic knee exercises that will help a person to strengthen their knees.

  • The exercise known as straight leg raises is one of the efficient exercises where one does not needs to bend their knees. Lying on a mat flat on the back, one needs to keep one leg on the floor and slowly lift the other one gradually above the floor keeping the knees straight. This must be slowly continued.
  • Knees marches are also one type of knee exercise that helps to strengthen the knees. Sitting on a chair, one must keep their spinal cord straight and holding the edges of the chair slowly lift up one leg and keep the other on the ground. Repeat the same thing with the other leg too and eventually continue it.
  • Heel raises is another exercise which not only helps to strengthen the knees but also helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding it. This exercise is done by standing on the feet straight and gradually rises on the toes of the feet.
Hence one must start these exercises before it is too late and stay fit.