Full Body Workout Exercises

Full body workout is more like a hard work in a short period of time. The full body workout is easy to fit in your schedule and it is progressive enough. You do not need to do split body exercises and do not even need to get trained for four to five days. The full body exercise saves your time. You will go to gym 2-3 in a week and you will have a quality time. The full body workout includes squeezing a solid two to four times per body part within an hour increases your cardiovascular system.Ab MusclesHere are few full body exercises-1. Push-upPush up is more like a training session which concentrates in wide ranges of muscles. There are varieties of push ups you need to choose the ones which will help to build your body parts.2. SquatSquat mostly concentrates on the lower part of the body. This is one of the classic lifting exercises. A squat directly works on the hips.3. LungesLunges can be done in various ways. A Lunge is one of the simple exercises which affect triple parts of the body. They are quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.4. Pike roll outFor Pike roll out you need to get a Swiss ball. This exercises it affective for the core of the muscles. You need to get practised with this exercise as it is a tough one but have an extensive result.If you are lacking behind or have a busy schedule you should definitely start with a full body workout.