Five Simple Stretches for a Brighter Morning

Instead of waking up at the last minute to face a drowsy day, rise and shine by taking ten minutes each day to stretch.These five simple stretches will help you rid yourself of the sluggish, grumpy attitude you face each morning -

  • Butterfly stretch - While sitting, align your heels with your feet so that they touch. Gently press down your thighs with elbows till you feel your groin area stretch. Repeat to open up your hip and thigh muscles to improve flexibility.
  • Shoulder stretch - While standing shoulder - width apart, raise your left arm to the height of your shoulder and move it across the front of your body. With your right arm, pull your left arm as close to your chest as you can, and hold. Repeat with the other arm for improving the flexibility and mobility of your shoulders.
  • Upper back stretch - Stand with feet hip - distance apart, clasp your hands and round the upper back while keeping your arms straight. Repeat for increasing flexibility of the upper back.
  • Chest release stretch - Hold a wall, step forward with your right leg, and turn your entire body to the left. Hold the position while increasing the stretch with the pivot at hips. Repeat for more flexible biceps and chest.
  • Runner's stretch - With one foot tucked in and the other facing forward, sit and lean forward with extended arm and try to grab the foot until you feel your hamstring stretch. Repeat on the other side for getting rid of hip and knee pain.
Doing 3-5 sets of these stretches for thirty seconds each will help wake your body to a brighter morning.