Fitness Trainer Portland Oregon | Start eating more vegetables

I know a lot of individuals do not like to eat vegetables. Sometimes it is a texture thing or some just don't like the taste, smell or how they look. The one thing I am going to suggest is to be open and start trying vegetables that are appeasing to your taste buds. Once you find them (corn does not count), incorporate them into your foods. If you love to eat chicken, lean beef, lean pork, fish or lamb, put those vegetables in with that food. If one of your goals is to slim down and you know that you have a challenging time with portion control, cut back a little bit on the protein portion and add a little bit more vegetables. If the protein you are cooking has a broth or sauce, add a tad bit of that to the vegetables. As long as these sauces are not high caloric cream based sauces, the broth or juice will give that  extra flavor to the vegetables that you will enjoy and will cover up the fact that you are eating vegetables. Remember, vegetables have great nutrients that will aid and benefit you in your health, wellness & fitness goals.Thanks,Kisar DhillonThe Portland Personal TrainerThe Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon107 SE Washington Street, Suite 137Portland, Oregon 97214(503) 953-0241