Fitness Tips | Top 10 Weight Training Mistakes

None of us our perfect when it comes to lifting weights, but we will do our best to maintain form, have correct breathing and ask for help when needed for safety. Here is a list of the Top 10 Mistakes you can make when lifting weights:1. Forget to Breath in a rhythmic pattern2. Do not use proper bio-mechanics or Form3. Not paying attention to other people lifting - people drop weights all the time, even on people4. Lifting too heavy of weight5. Not asking for a spotter if you do not have a workout buddy6. Asking a  professional trainer for a few tips - they will give advice for free, just ask!7.  Eating too much food prior to exercise8. Not being consistent with your rest times between sets9.  Doing too many sets for one body part and not training your body evenly10. Focusing too much on upper body than your lower body and vice-versaI would have to say, the most challenging tip that people have is getting their breathing in sync when they are lifting. A lot of the time it is the opposite or they are just holding their breath. If this is one of our big obstacles, just relax. I will be doing a post on breathing this week.Thanks,Kisar