Fitness Tips | Exercising while pregnant!

Exercising while pregnant initially has to be cleared by your physician, but most will say that exercise is a necessity while pregnant. It not only prevents gestational diabetes, but it is crucial to keep those back muscles strong as the anterior load gets bigger and heavier. In addition, the mother is going to need those muscles to lift and care for her baby, so the last thing she needs is to pull her back out when lifting her child out of bed.After the first trimester, if she is working with a personal trainer, exercises will need to be modified and supine position will need to be avoided. In addition, training heart rate and rate of perceived exertion will need to be monitored extremely close to make sure the expecting mother is doing okay during her fitness routine. If she starts to feel nausea or just needs to rest, let her take as long as she wants too.Lastly, the flexibility of the expecting mother is going to increase, so attention to detail and range of motion needs to be monitored so that joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are not damaged. The chemical Relaxin is highly present in order to give birth to a child, but it affects all areas of the body. Only stretch enough to get the stretch, do not over do it because it can cause more harm than good.These are just some simple tips that the expecting mother and her personal trainer need to take into consideration. Good luck and have a fun & safe workout.Thanks, Kisar Dhillon