Fitness Portland | Personal training | The Baby Boomer!

When exercising the Baby Boomer a personal trainer needs to do a full assessment of their physical condition. The very first they need to make sure is that their client has been cleared by their personal physician to start a physical fitness regimen. Just like any population group, there are going to be some extremely fit individuals in this group, and there will be some at the other end of the spectrum. Regardless of what kind of physical shape your client is in, this population group is prone to encounter injuries due to their age, the physical demands of their job prior to retirement (or currently doing), and if they were modestly active throughout their lives.You will be surprised to meet some individuals who have never on purposely exercised and they are 70 years old. I have had clients who said they did not make time for working out because they had other responsibilities that were more pertinent. This is a common excuse, so when they start out training, it needs to be at a pace that is going to let them enjoy it without quitting.The ironic thing is this group is now a large demographic of the United States and they are our future clients. This group is aging; they are going to have osteoporosis problems, arthritis, hip injuries, ligament & tendon damage and higher probability of falling due to their age and just their body slowing down. Yes, there will be the athlete individual who is still running, competing and wants to take their fitness to even higher levels, and that is totally awesome. However, the majority of individuals in this category will be needing resistance exercises to maintain their bone density and balance/stability training to strengthen their body from falling and being able to stay strong in every day activities.Thanks, Kisar Dhillon