Fitness in Portland | Do you TRX?

Suspension training has been around for a long time, but we mostly see it in acrobatic acts or in gymnastics. Since suspension training only uses body weight and simulates real life movements, it is the perfect workout to keep your body in its best shape. All of this can be done by using a piece of equipment called the TRX. I would recommend using the this suspension training tool as a way to spice up your existing workout routine, because it adds variety and will keep you from plateauing or getting bored with your fitness routines.  Here are my Top 10 reasons why the TRX is a great piece of equipment. 1. Versatile & Portable2. Can perform a lot of exercises, even traditional ones3. Not expensive versus other types of equipment4. Only need your body weight5. You can do slight modifications to make it more or less challenging6. The company has great continuing education and videos that are easily accessible7. It adds variety to all fitness routines and programs8. Almost anyone can do it, use it, and get results9. It is perfect for traveling - has a small pouch case that will fit in a travel bag10. It is Simple, Easy to set up, and Fun to useIf you want to learn how to use the TRX the correct way and learn all the different modifications, I would recommend hiring a portland personal trainer who is credentialed in TRX training systems. Thanks,Kisar